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– The Quest for a New Era!

Dear GlobalToken Community, we thank you for all the support and trust you have had in us from the start! Though we have had a minor setback in the previous few months, we will continue to not give up. As we begin to steadily move forward, our primary concern, will be to Hardfork the current GlobalToken Blockchain which shall help us to become one of the toughest competitors in crypto space, no doubt!

HardFork Announcement

We are excited to announce that the GlobalToken Blockchain will be having a proposed HardFork, being scheduled later. This will result in 1:1 new GlobalTokens. We are not announcing the exact date, time and block height because we are still in talks with our Lawyers and Government regarding regulatory concerns. Prior to the hardfork, we shall be releasing our Whitepaper in which we have highlighted major upcoming changes in the GlobalToken Blockchain.

However, in spite of the regulatory concerns our Developers have been hard at work and have already began making “Commits” on GlobalToken’s Github.

To celebrate the upcoming HardFork and recent advancements, we are delighted to conduct a Treasure Hunt Competition for all of our friends and community members who have supported us all along!

Treasure Hunt Campaign

– A Bounty Program by the GlobalToken Team

Welcome Treasure Hunters on the ship for a new journey! On our Github account there is a new branch called “Hardfork” where all of our changes are being done, currently in an encrypted mode, and these changes are known commonly as “Commits”.

All you need to do to win this competition is by decrypting these Encrypted Commit Names to English, simply by guessing them!

And an additional prize of 2000 GLTs to be won by just Retweeting our Treasure Hunt tweet.

We felt 2000 GLTs would not be fair for this special Treasure Hunt contest, hence we are now Rewarding 4000 GLTs to our Twitter part of the contest.

Please Retweet and Tag 2 of Your Friends to the following tweet and stand a chance for winning 4000 GLTs!-

How it works:

The First commit that we did is-

Commit Name (Encrypted Format) – [HF]: 3f72b4ff0d3d9b1fae7019157a87bb07

So to win the bounty, you need to Guess what our core Developer, Pawel did within this Commit, as well as what he named it, (the name is based on what is done within the commit. Like if there’s a Software Upgrade, the commit will be named “SOFTWARE UPGRADE”).

For example, if you think the encryption: “3f72b4ff0d3d9b1fae709157a87bb07” stands for the word “UNIVERSE” then you need to go to or  a relevant site that you wish and look for an “MD5 Hash Generator for text”.

Once you have completed that, enter your guess (in this case “UNIVERSE”) in the input column and generate the encrypted name for it. If the resultant encrypted name of your guessed word matches with the encrypted commit name, YOU WIN! [In the case of “UNIVERSE” it comes out to be “097E14DAA1BED18DE9811525E376E63F”which does not match with “3f72b4ff0d3d9b1fae7019157a87bb07” so you do not succeed]

HINT: Use only capital letters in your answer, such as “UNIVERSE” do not use lowercase at all such as “universe” or “Universe”, if you do so, your answer will not be marked correct.

We will have an overall of 9 different hashes to guess.

List of Hashes-

Hash 1: 3f72b4ff0d3d9b1fae7019157a87bb07

Solved by   with the Word "VERSIONING".

Hash 5: e78dfda0789f7fef1dd8220826beec8e

Solved by   with the Word "MERGEMINING". Paid to Gc8B2Pz9SrnYbmwJoPKYssPxtBSbfk8bpr

Hash 6:

Hash 7:

Hash 8:

Hash 9:

Send us your guesses by replying the tweet:

Bounty Details:

  • Each solved guess will be awarded 1500 GLTs once from Globaltoken Team.
  • One Random Person, retweeting the tweet and tagging two of his friends, shall stand a chance to win 2000 4000 GLTs as Reward.
  • In case people cannot guess the correct answer for a commit, until last moment, we shall be airdropping the rest of bounty coins to random people who retweet the above tweet.
  • First person guessing the correct answer, in respective cases, will be rewarded with the bounty.
  • The competition shall continue until the last minute of whitepaper release and any entry after it shall not be entertained.
  • All the Bounty coins shall be sent within 1 week after Winner replies with the hash and the hidden Word.
  • The Team members of GlobalToken are strictly not allowed to participate in this competition.
  • We deserve the right to cancel the campaign anytime if any regulatory or other restrictions arise. Hopefully there won’t be any cancellation.

Henceforth, the GlobalToken Team wishes you GOOD LUCK!

Follow us for the latest announcements at-

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